ADA Compliance Upgrades

Are you ADA compliant for your owned/operated ATM?

We offer complete software and hardware upgrades for your ATM to meet federal guidelines.

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Starting at $109.00

Primary Equipment Sold and Serviced

  • Triton
  • Mega
  • Hantle
  • Hyosung (Nautilus)
  • Magner
  • Glory
  • Brant
  • Reis

We can service virtually any equipment brand. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Magner Mag II 100 Series Coin Sorters

Magner Mag II 100 Series Coin Sorter The Magner Mag II 100 Series is an easy to use coin sorter with a small footprint. It processes up to 600 coins per minute and sorts $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, and $1.00.

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The Model 100 offers sophisticated electronics, automatic motor shut-off, a large capacity inspection tray, and a compact footprint. Batch subtotals and grand totals are accumulated for each of the five coin denominations. The Model 110 offers several more advanced features including memory back-up, half and full bag stops, drawer full and jam detection, printer interface port and RS232 interface capability.

The 100 Series is flexible. Depending upon your specific application, the unit can be configured as a compact countertop unit with coin drawers, or as a full bagging version complete with a security stand.